Syringella amphispicula de Laubenfels, 1961

Common name(s): Dead man's fingers sponge

Phylum Porifera
 Class Demospongiae
  Subclass Tetractinomorpha
   Order Axinellida
    Family Axinellidae
Syringella amphispicula from 20 m depth, Deception Pass
(Photo by: Dave Cowles, July 2000)
Description:  An erect, attached sponge with a narrow base, color cream to light brown.  Surface firm and smooth but easily compressible (key says it is hard).  Spicules include styles to subtylostyles 230 to 820 microns in length.

How to Distinguish from Similar Species: Iophon chelifer var californiana is white, turns black in alcohol, with a soft and compressible surface and several different types of spicules.

Geographical Range:

Depth Range:

Habitat: We find it on rock faces in areas of very heavy current.

Biology/Natural History: Predators include the nudibranch Archidoris odhneri.

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Dichotomous Keys:
  Kozloff 1987, 1996

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This sponge is commonly found at about 10 m depth and below on rock faces in Deception Pass, such as on Pass Island.
Below are spicules from Syringella amphispicula, photographed by Brooke Reiswig, 2006
This style is from an individual from Deception Pass, depth about 6 m. Syringella amphispicula is not listed as having strongyles.  Nevertheless, this strongyle was found in the same individual from Deception Pass. This style is from what appeared to be a small Syringella amphispicula from Northwest Island.  The species is not often seen on Northwest Island.

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