Stylissa stipitata de Laubenfels, 1961

Common name(s): Trumpet sponge

Phylum Porifera
 Class Demospongiae
  Order Axinellida
   Family Axinellidae
Stylissa stipitata from about 10 m depth, Northwest Island, Rosario Bay, WA.  The right (top) end is a large, open osculum.
(Photo by: Dave Cowles, July 2006)
Description:  This sponge is shaped like a tall and narrow funnel (sometimes shaped like a tube or bifurcated), with a narrow stalk that comprises at least 1/4 its height.  Its upper end is a large osculum that opens into a large atrium.  The surface is smooth. Color cream to orange-brown.  Styles to subtylostyles 200-450 microns long, shorter in the stalk.

How to Distinguish from Similar Species: Phakettia close to beringensis has a rugose (rough) surface and may have larger styles.  Mycale adhaerens may grow tall and fingerlike in shape but without the large osculum and atrium.

Geographical Range:

Depth Range:  Subtidal

Habitat:  Attached to rocks

Biology/Natural History:  The nudibranch Archidoris odhneri feeds on Stylissa, as well as on other sponges.

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Dichotomous Keys:
  Kozloff 1987, 1996

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Scientific Articles:

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A style (spicule) from Stylissa stipitata.  Photo by Brooke Reiswig, July 2006

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