Urticina lofotensis (Danielssen, 1890)

Common name(s): White-spotted anemone, White-spotted rose anemone, Strawberry anemone

Synonyms:  Tealia lofotensis
Phylum Cnidaria
 Class Anthozoa
  Subclass Zoantharia
   Order Actiniaria
    Suborder Nynantheae
     Family Actiniidae
Urticina lofotensis, about 10 cm diameter, from the exhibit tank at Friday Harbor Marine Labs
(Photo by: Dave Cowles, July 2006)
Description:  This large anemone has no acontia.  The column is red with smooth white tubercles in longitudinal rows.  The margin of the oral disk has no white spherules.  The tubercles usually do not hold sand, shells, or other debris.  The oral disk is red and has no radiating white stripes.  The slender tentacles are red, unbanded but with sometimes a yellow tinge at the base and pinker at the tips.  Diameter to 10 cm.

How to Distinguish from Similar Species: Urticina columbiana has rough white tubercles in circumferential rows. Urticina piscivora and Urticina crassicornis have inconspicuous tubercles which are not white, and U. crassicornis also has transverse bands on its tentacles and greenish blotches on its column.

Geographical Range:  SE Alaska to San Diego, CA; North Atlantic

Depth Range:  Low intertidal to 15 m.  Mostly subtidal.

Habitat:  Rocky, exposed coast, concrete pilings, marina floats.  In the intertidal, is usually in surge channels and on vertical rock faces.

Biology/Natural History:  Shells or debris is occasionally found adhered to the tubercles, but not usually and not strongly.  Juvenile painted greenlings are often associated with this anemone, and adults may sleep near its base.  The eggs are very large (over 1.2 mm diameter) and yolky.  It has not been observed brooding the eggs.

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  Smith and Carlton, 1975 (as Tealia lofotensis)

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Scientific Articles:
Sebens, K.P. and G. Laakso, 1977.  The genus Tealia (Anthozoa: Actiniaria) in the waters of the San Juan Archipelago and the Olympic Peninsula.  Wasmann J. Biol. 35: pp 152-168

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