Golfingia vulgaris (Blainville, 1827)

Common name(s): Peanut worm

Class Sipunculidea
Order Sipunculida
Family Golfingiidae
Golfingia vulgaris found in soft bottom at 120 m depth west of Yellow Island, San Juan Channel, WA.  The anterior end with the introvert is to the right.
(Photo by: Dave Cowles, July 2007)
Description: The tentacles of this species are unbranched, small and fingerlike, and are arranged in 1-2 circles around the mouth.  The introvert does not have dark blotches and streaks nor a row of hooks near its anterior end, and its length is less than half the body length.  The skin is very rough and dark brown (photo).  Has 4 retractor muscles.

How to Distinguish from Similar Species: Phascolosoma agasssizi has an introvert with dark streaks and blotches, plus its tentacles are in a crescent dorsal to the mouth. Golfingia pugettensis has smooth, light-colored skin and a longer introvert.

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Biology/Natural History:  There are many subspecies of this species, widely distributed.
The genus name Golfingia was created by E. Ray Lankester to celebrate a holiday he spent golfing at Saint Andrews in 1885.



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  Kozloff 1987, 1996

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This closeup of the skin shows the rough, brown texture.

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