Ocenebra lurida (Middenforff, 1849)

Common Name: Lurid Rock Snail

Phylum Mollusca
 Class Gastropoda
   Order Neogastropoda
     Suborder Rachiglossa
      Family Muricidae
(Ocenebra lurida found at Northwest Island)
(Photo by: Nathaniel Charbonnsau June 25, 02)
Description:  Shell height most commonly up to 40 mm, however usually less, with six to ten large low axial ridges crossed by prominent spiral ridges. Colors range from white, pale yellowith, dark brown, or red.

How to Distinguish from Similar Species:

Geographical Range:  Ranges from Sitka (Alaska) to Punta Santo Tomas (Baja California).

Depth Range:  Low intertidal zones, but in southern California they are found sublittorally.

Habitat:  Commonly found on and under rocks and in crevices.

Biology/Natural History:  This species is commonly found clinging to rocks. It has been observed feeding on gumboot chitons, where it uses its radula to cut through the dark outer layers on the dorsal surface of the chiton's girdle in order to eat the yellow tissue beneath. It does not kill the chitons, but it is common to see chitons with large grooves eaten out of their girdles. "Growth records are sparse, but indicate mean growth rates of 0.5-0.7 mm per month in the field. 

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General References:
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