Opalia montereyensis (Dall, 1907)


Synonyms: none
Phylum Mollusca
 Class Gastropoda
  Subclass Orosobranchia
   Order Mesogastropoda
    Superfamily Epitoniacea
     Family Epitnoniidae
Photo taken at Rosario Marine Station, WA
Photo taken by Anna Dyer, 07/31/02
Description:  No information was found on this particular species.  However, a close relative, O. chacei, also known as O. wroblewskyi, is only differentiated from O. montereyensis by the number of axial ribs.  The chacei species usually has 7 ribs, while O. montereyensis has 8-10 axial ribs. O. chacei has a shell up to 30 mm high with the base delimited by a low spiral cord or keel.  The axial ribs are broadly rounded.  The shell color is white or cream.

Geographical Range:  O. chacei ranges from Queen Charlotte Strait, British Columbia, to Santa Catalina Island, California.

Depth Range:  O. chacei is found in the low intertidal and subtidal zones.

Habitat:  O. chacei is uncommon under rocks, however, it is associated with anemones.

Biology/Natural History:  O. chacei is probably a specialized predator on sea anemones, like Epitonium tinctum.  Little is known of its biology.

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Kozloff, 1987

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Morris et al., 1980

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