Key:  Family Cerithiidae

Phylum Mollusca
  Class Gastropoda
    Subclass Prosobranchia
      Order Mesogastropoda
        Suborder Taenioglossa

Taken primarily from  Kozloff, 1987, 1996 p. 212 (Copyright 1987, 1996, University of Washington Press.  Used in this web page by permission of University of Washington Press)
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1a Without axial ribs on the body whorl and whorl above it, so the spiral ridges on these whorls are not noticeably beaded; height up to about 2.2 cm Bittium eschrichtii
1b With axial ribs on the body whorl, or at least on the whorl above it (as well as on the upper whorls), so that the spiral ridges are slightly to conspicuously beaded; height to about 1.2 cm 2
2a Spiral ridges conspicuously beaded on all whorls Bittium munitum
2b Spiral ridges only faintly beaded Bittium attenuatum

Taxonomic Levels Represented in This Key:

  Bittium eschrichtii

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