Key:  Family Hiatellidae

Phylum Mollusca
  Class Bivalvia
    Order Myoida
      Suborder Myina

Taken primarily from  Kozloff, 1987, 1996 p. 284 (Copyright 1987, 1996, University of Washington Press.  Used in this web page by permission of University of Washington Press)
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1a  Pallial line discontinuous, consisting of a series of separate scars 2
1b Pallial line continuous (length sometimes exceedintg 15 cm; the mantle cavity is not large enough to accomodate the immense siphon; the shell gapes widely except in the region of the hinge; deep burrower in mud, intertidal and shallow subtidal) [Panope abrupta in key] Panopea abrupta
2a Shell gaping widely at both ends; hinge plate of both valves with a single pointed tooth; scars forming the discontinuous pallial line conspicuous; length up to about 7 cm; tips of siphons not bright red (shallow subtidal) Panomya chrysis
2b Shell gaping only slightly; hinge plate of valves of adults without teeth (in young specimens, there are 2 teeth on the hinge plate of both valves); scars forming the discontinuous pallial line faint; length generally less than 5 cm; tips of siphons bright red (nestling in algal holdfasts as well as in burrows made by rock-boring bivalves, and in other protected situations; capable also of burrowing into shell and soft rock) Hiatella arctica

Taxonomic Levels Represented in This Key:

  Panopea abrupta

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