Key:  Phylum Echiura (Echiuroid worms)

Taken primarily from  Kozloff, 1987, 1996  p 180 (Copyright 1987, 1996, University of Washington Press.  Used in this web page by permission of University of Washington Press)
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See also Urechis caupo
1a  With 2 nearly complete rings of bristlelike setae at the posterior end of the body (picture) Echiurus echiurus subsp. alaskanus
1b Without setae at the posterior end of the body 2
2a With a pair of well-developed setae near the anterior end of the trunk; proboscis (if still attached) troughlike, not branched; general coloration pinkish to reddish
Note:  When the genus Arhynchite was established, it was characterized by the apparent absence of a proboscis.  Several species, including A. pugettensis, do have this structure, however.  The proboscis is easily detached, and worms that have lost it may be normal in all other respects.  It is possible that even the type species of Arhynchite will eventually be shown to have a proboscis.
Arhynchite pugettensis
2b Without setae near the anterior end of the trunk or elsewhere; proboscis (if still attached) bifurcated; dorsal side of trunk greenish; proboscis and ventral side of trunk whitish Nellobia eusoma

Taxonomic Levels Represented in This Key:

  Echiurus echiurus subsp. alaskanus
  Urechis caupo

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