This key is a long-term project edited, coordinated, and maintained by Dave Cowles.    I am grateful for the many students and colleagues I have had opportunity to work with over the years, some of which have contributed directly to this key.  The names of student authors and editors are listed at the bottom of the pages they worked on in some way, and in the list of contributors.  Some frequently-used names, like my own, may be abbreviated.  If no name is listed the author is Dave Cowles.

Other Contributors to the key:

Contributor Year(s) Abbreviation or email
Aaron Baldwin, assistant professor, University of Alaska
Brian Catelli, student 2002
Nate Charbonneau, student 2002
Jim Childress, professor at University of California, Santa Barbara
Dave Cowles, professor at Walla Walla University and site webmaster All DLC
Joanna Cowles, biology graduate student & daughter of Dave Cowles 2014-
Will Duguid, University of Victoria
Anna Dyer, student 2002
Lisbeth Francis, professor at Western Washington University
Andrey Gontchar, a postdoctoral researcher in the laboratory of commercial invertebrates at Russian Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (VNIRO) Moscow, the main Russian institute studying commercial aquatic species. (English) (Russian) 2010
Hans Helmstetler,  student 2002, 2003
Heidee Leno, student 2002
Ryan Lunsford, student 2002
Janisse Maxwell, student 2002
Melissa McFadden, graduate student 2002
Jin Nestler, Ph.D. Director of WWC Marine Station 2005 (photos)
Kirt Onthank, Ph.D.  2004-
Bethany Reiswig, student
Brooke Reiswig, student 2006 BR
Christina Smith, student 2002
Robbie Wheeling, student 2002
Alexandra Tyler, student 2021
Brandon White, student 2002
Kelly Williams, student 2002

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