Key:  Order Stauromedusae

Phylum Cnidaria
 Class Scyphozoa

General Characteristics of Order Stauromedusae:  Small, sessilemedusae which are attached to the substrate (often kelp or eelgrass) by an adhesive disk which arises from the top of the exumbrella.  Develop directly from planula larvae which are benthic.  Reproduce only sexually (have no scyphistomae or strobilization).  Have eight arms, each of which has a tentacle.  Found mostly in temperate waters.

Taken primarily from  Kozloff, 1987, 1996 p. 67 (Copyright 1987, 1996, University of Washington Press.  Used in this web page by permission of University of Washington Press)
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1a  Calyx with poorly developed lobes; at least the outer tentacles with cushionlike swellinigs at their bases; coronal muscle (the muscle that encircles the bell near its edge) not interrupted (Family Depastridae) 2
1b Calyx with 8 well developed marginal lobes; none of the tentacles with cushionlike swellings at their bases; coronal muscle interrupted at each tentacle cluster, this consisting of 8 sections (Family Haliclystidae) 5
2a With 12 tentacle clusters; with only 1 canal extending lengthwise throughout the stalk Manania hexradiata
2b With 8 tentacle clusters; with 4 canals extending lengthwise throughout the stalk 3
3a Stalk gradually flaring into the calyx; color mostly yellow-green, but with 8 nearly white bands on the calyx; found in quiet waters, and rare Manania handi
3b Stalk sharply distinct from the calyx; color usually cream to tan or some shade of red; on the open coast, in areas of considerable wave action 4
4a Color of calyx and stalk usually reddish, but varying from tan to magenta (with white subumbrellar nematocyst clusters) Manania gwilliami
4b Color of calyx and stalk usually cream to light tan (gut evident in the calyx as a dark brown, pinnately branched structure; rare) Manania distincta
5a Marginal anchors (these located between tentacle clusters) expanded into broad trumpet-shaped cups and with conspicuous stalks; gonads extending into the lobes for only about half their length Haliclystus salpinx
5b Marginal anchors egg-shaped, not expanding into broad cups, and with inconspicuous stalks; gonads nearly reaching the ends of the lobes (Haliclystus stejnegeri in key) Haliclystus sp.

Taxonomic Levels Represented in This Key:
 Haliclystus salpinx
 Haliclystus sp.

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