Key:  Preliminary Key to Gammarid Amphipods

Phylum Arthropoda
  Subphylum Crustacea
    Class Malacostraca
      Subclass Eumalacostraca
        Superorder Peracarida
         Order Amphipoda
            Suborder Gammaridea

Taken primarily from  Kozloff, 1987, 1996 p. 348 (Copyright 1987, 1996, University of Washington Press.  Used in this web page by permission of University of Washington Press)
  Original key created by Craig P. Staude (see reference above)
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 Uropod 3 with a single ramus which never greatly exceeds the length of the peduncle (if there is a second ramus, it is scarcely noticeable) Proceed to Key I
Uropod 3 biramous; both rami shorter than the peduncle (photo) Proceed to Key II
Uropod 3 biramous; at least one ramus equal to or longer than the peduncle Proceed to Key III
Uropod 3 absent or lost Proceed to Key IV

Taxonomic Levels Represented in This Key:

(All keys above refer to gammarid amphipods--consult the individual keys)

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